Are you planning a Same Sex Wedding in Spain & looking for a Humanist, non religious Officiator ?   
Non Religious Weddings and other Ceremonies  are offered  in the Alicante & Valencia areas of Spain for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender couples. Your Celebrant  is European Registered who can include many languages to make all your guests feel welcome.





Same Sex Civil weddings are available in Spain, but changes in the qualifying criteria have made legal marriages in most areas impossible or difficult with expensive documentation if you are not a Spanish resident. 

If you do not live in Spain it is less expensive and much easier to have a Civil Partnership, or legal marriage papers completed  in your own country if it is legal there, and come to Spain for your 'Symbolic Wedding.'

This can be exactly the same as a real wedding- and your guests wont know the difference if you don't tell them. You can choose your own vows and readings, and exchange rings.  Just as you sign a register in a legal wedding you may sign a certificate with your witnesses for whichever ceremony you choose.  

The ceremony may be small with just the couple and two witnesses, or may be a larger event
for hundreds. 
It can be exactly as you want  - such as romantic & emotional. 
You can either write your own vows, or choose from the list sent to you.  Friends & family can contribute with readings & poems. 
You can be assisted with your musical choices.

You can have fun time- e.g. using drag queens and making a 'play' out of the ceremony, or adding funny stories.
Hand fasting, Mixing Sand, Love letter and Wine Box Ceremonies-  any these may be included  into your wedding or you suggest  something.

This is a lovely way of signifying the joining of two families as one and is often incorporated into many Gay Wedding Ceremonies.  It is especially poignant where there are children from previous relationships, or adopted children- as it symbolises them now being one family, and they enjoy being involved in this special day. 
Candle lighting may also be used to signify a couple joining as one unit, or to remember those who could not be there on the day.
THE AREA                                                                                                               

The Costa Blanca is one of the most stunning Coasts in Spain, with white sand beaches, small coves and dramatic mountains.The sun shines for over 300 days  a year so same sex weddings can be held in most months too.  There are many fantastic Hotels,Venues & Restaurants which provide superb settings for your Special Day,with a wide range of foods. 

Discounts are available for the Winter. LGBT  non religious Ceremonies may be held in the Costa Blanca on any day of the week. Advice re locations is available.
VALENCIA City is also a stunning place to hold a wedding - a contrast of modern and historical, old world Spanish and glam new wolrd. 

 A perfect way to celebrate an Anniversary, A Birthday,  or to reaffirm your love for one another- whether you have been together for a short time or many years

Some couples are unable to have a legal marriage for varying reasons. A non religious Commitment ceremony is a wonderful way of declaring their love and wishes to stay together in front of family and friends.

Many gay weddings and ceremonies in Spain have couples and their guests of different  Nationalities. The Welcome and some other parts of the Ceremony may be done in not only English, but another language too. This may help your guests enjoy the ceremony more,whether they speak English or not.  
Weddings nearly always include the Spanish Civil Code in both languages, and sometimes other parts in Spanish.
German, Arabic, Norwegian, French and Japanese have been added at Weddings. 
Given enough notice, and assistance with pronunciation, any language can be attempted.  
You may say your vows and ring exchange words in your own language, and family or guests may do readings or poems in their own language too. 

Fees are individually priced according to the location and Ceremony  content, work required, visits etc.  Subject to IVA tax and travel expenses

Other Options

A full catering service is available for your reception. This includes many different types of food, hire of tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glasses, staff, Bar set up etc.                                                                                                                                       
Assistance may be given for other aspects of your wedding and this may incur an  extra cost or expenses depending on the amount of work required.

Smaller groups, Winter Ceremonies or various other circumstances may qualify for discount. Please free to discuss this as the aim is to be as flexible and helpful as possible so that more clients are able to enjoy the services.

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