Humanist non religious ceremonies for LGBTQ community held here  in the Costa Blanca, Spain - creating the important milestones of life &  leaving enduring memories.... 
Your Celebrant for the Alicante and Valencia Regions, inland & beyond.
 Humanism shows no discrimination.  Humanists value other humans equally no matter what creed, colour, age, gender, sexuality or social standing they are.

Ceremonies offered in Alicante & Valencia regions of Spain are various types including:-



A Humanist non religious wedding for these couples symbolises the love shared, and the commitment of two people to each other, in front of family & friends, as in any other wedding. Often this is because the couple do not share the same faith and it provides a solution, although this does not necessarily mean that either of them are non religious.

Many couples feel pressurised into a conventional wedding that they do not believe in by families, so this alternative can be the answer.  

All the ceremonies by your Celebrant in Spain are personalised especially for you, to reflect your own values and requirements. They  can be designed to include your own words, and with family or friends   doing readings and poems. Music is another important part of many events, and assistance can be given to find what is best for your needs.   They can be as elaborate or as simple you would like for a few  to hundreds of guests and can be held in the location of your choice- an outdoor or indoor venue - as long as the necessary permission is obtained.

More Details about Humanist WEDDINGS in the 'Weddings' page. 

As well as being the most experienced  Wedding & Event planner of all types of weddings & ceremonies  in the Costa Blanca, Spain,  Susan has officiated or assisted ceremonies at events on various occasions - her first same sex wedding being in Benidorm in 2005. This was filmed and late shown on UK TV.

She is an experienced officiator and a trained & European Registered  Humanist Celebrant, and has often written personalised non- religious ceremonies for other officiants in Spain.
Susan is a trained Public Speaker, has presented programmes for the BBC TV in the UK,   and has lived  Spain for many years.

She  qualified in Community Relations in the UK, which involved  the study of many different types of cultures, people & religions - such as Buddhism & Judaism.  The course also  included visits to Hindu & Sikh temples and other religious venues. This has helped her gain an understanding of many types of beliefs and attitudes to life and death.

Everything  you require may be arranged by email and phone if it is not possible to meet Susan or travel to Spain prior to your  event, or an initial meeting may be held if you can visit or live here.
After obtaining the relevant information the Humanist ceremony is then prepared, designed, and written, and the presentation is on the day.   
If you would like another person in your group to officiate the service, then assistance can be given to write the content for you.

Humanism is a philosophy based on reason and a concern for humanity and the natural world, which shares many of the values of different religious beliefs.

Humanism fuses traditional religious behaviours onto the foundation of Scientific Humanist enquiry. 

It recognises that each persons spirituality  has to be developed naturally, and encourages everyone to draw upon whatever religious traditions, spirituality and behaviours are most appropriate for their own unique situation and background.  
Humanist ceremonies are non-religious and therefore have no worship of a God or fixed rituals. There is no religious content such as sermons, prayers or hymns.  All ceremonies are unique and created to adapt to each individual needs.

Other Ceremonies offered:


A Humanist Funeral in Spain is becoming increasingly common. It is very suitable for those  loved ones who did not have religious views on life or death.

It is a celebration of their life and enables the 'goodbyes' to be said - which helps start the grieving process. Relatives can express feelings and share memories. Music can be played.

These are services  that are tributes to the person's life, honouring their memory,  often taking place some time after the Funeral.

Losing a well-loved Pet which has become a friend and family member can be a distressing and often heartbreaking experience for adults and children alike.  Deciding how best to remember your pet is an important decision not to be taken lightly. A Humanist Service enables you to say your farewells and acknowledges your relationship with your Pet. 

More details on non religious Funerals & Pet Funerals in Spain -see the page.

A growing number of LGBTQ parents wish to announce the birth or adoption of their child, but do not want a church or religious event.  This non religious Ceremony can be a delightful alternative to a Christening or Baptism.It is a formal but joyful way of introducing a new baby into your family & social circle & announce parents' commitment to nurture the child into adulthood. 

It may be adapted for children of any age, whether newborn, a stepchild, or an adopted child.  It usually  includes the appointment of  mentors or guardians.

Unity candle lighting often takes place & you can choose poetry or a favourite piece of writing  with music.

The ceremony does not prevent the child  committing to any future religious  beliefs. Single parents families are, of course, included. 

Vary depending on your requirements, travel etc.  Small groups, winter Weddings or various other services and special circumstances may qualify for discount. Please free to discuss this as the aim is to be as flexible as possible so that more clients are able to receive the services we offer.  Benidorm has a special discount.

Same sex Humanist weddings and other ceremonies may take place in Benidorm, Moraira, Javea &  all areas of the Valencia & Alicante regions in the Costa Blanca, Spain.   
Travel to other areas of Spain or another Country may be considered on an individual basis. Venues to suit you can be advised- Gorgeous Hotels, fincas, villas, Castles ,gardens, and many other types.

Also included for all types of non religious ceremonies and services  for gay and lesbians are the Towns of Denia, Oliva, Gandia, Calpe, Altea, Alicante, Valencia, Torrevieja, Villajoyosa, & many more.

-for all Spain- except Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca.
If you are interested in training and Registration in Brussels to be a Humanist Celebrant for Spain, or any other European Country ( not UK) then I can send you details.
2 - 5 days courses here in the North Costa Blanca. Accomodation to suit you. 
Weddings only, Funerals only ( Celebration of life),
Weddings, Funerals & other Ceremonies,
an extra day can be added for basic Wedding Planning- so  you  may assist your couples.
Spanish language is not necessary..

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